nopCommerce release version 2.2

Highlight features:

  • Significant performance optimization
  • One page checkout
  • ‘Web service’ plugin (Web Services API)
  • RTL (right-to-left) support
  • Added category and manufacturer templates
  • Allow store owner to manage address fields on ‘Register’ and ‘My account’ page
  • Added a generic event system



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B2bTalking Alnalytics

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BBS:Estimate How Much A Website Is Worth

Real Website Value Estimator – Our Engine Provides Information About How Much Your Website Is Worth. Statistics include: Page Rank, Backlinks, Alexa Rank, Traffic Details, Daily Page Views, Full Appraisal.


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Growing e-Commerce Start up Business – Deals For Site Owners

Targeting a demographic that (for the most part) has gone unattended until now, offers daily deals for site owners. On the revised website, such individuals will be able to get their hands on bargains with discounts amounting to as much as 80 %. – Buy Outdoors Advertising Space

EatAds is a platform for the buying and selling of outdoors advertising space. On this site, any person who can offer such space is able to list it online for people who are interested in advertising anything.

  • – Name What You Will Buy With Your Friends

    A daily deals website with a difference, Whooda is built upon the premise of actually letting people name the deals they want. So, no longer will anybody wait for a site like Groupon to come up with the deal of his dreams to be happy. Rather, a site like this one turns people into the ones who call

  • – Post College Classifieds

  is like Craigslist for the dorm and collegiate population. On this site, students from all over the United States can list these items they no longer need such as textbooks and clothes, and have them bought by people who are attending the very same schools they are attending.

  • – Buy And Sell Used Items

    Spekios is a marketplace that makes buying and selling second-hand items incredibly smooth and practical. You see, here people can ask the rest of the Spekios community if someone happens to have any specific item.

  • – Sell Music Straight To Fans


    If you are a musician and you are utterly dissatisfied with the current ways in which songs can be marketed online, then this is a platform you will certainly become interested in. VibeDeck will let you come up with a page where you can list your music, and have it sold directly to fans.

  • – Have An Online Store

    Owners of small businesses are known to bemoan how difficult it is to compete with large retailers online. But it looks like things are going to change, and that the hegemony is finally going to be dented (and even shattered). WunderGrad is an emerging startup company that will see to that.

  • – Buy Quality Logos

    The creation of a logo for your yet-to-be-launched company should never be an afterthought. People often judge things of first looks, and if the image you have chosen to represent your brand looks shady or uninspired, then the only safe assumption would be that your company is not a reliable one.

  • – Buy And Sell Kid Items


    StorkBrokers is an online marketplace that is geared towards parents. Here, they are enabled to buy and sell gently-used baby (and kid) items such as clothes, toys and strollers.

  • – The Best Deals In Your City

    Groupon, LivingSocial, EverSave, DealPulp, Daily Steals … the number (and scope) of a-deal-a-day websites grows by the second. Nobody has the time to check them out one by one.

  • – Create A Page For The Items You Want To Sell

    Simplifying the creation of product pages is the one aim of, a site that has just become available and that can be used by any person who is willing to give it a try. With, it is very easy to put together images, descriptions and links for any kind of product

  • – Sell Your Pictures Online

    Powetu is where people can sell their creative photos the moment they have been taken. The site is designed as a community whose members can upload the images that they take using their mobile devices, and have them listed instantly for sale.

  • – Pay Using A Virtual Currency


    Paypal has modified the way in which we make online payments for good, but this new project shows us that there is always room for improvement. Basically, we can define Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer currency that lets people conduct transactions without having to resort to any financial institution.

  • – Buy And Sell In A Social Marketplace

    Social networking has changed the way people interact online in more ways than one. Buzzmart proves it, as it is a marketplace where the social element is truly prevalent. On people are enabled to create profiles and interact in ways more reminiscent of Facebook than of eBay or Amazon

  • – Craigslist Done Right

    If you are routinely frustrated by how clumsy Craigslist feels and works, you can do one of two things. The first is chatting for hours and hours about the way things should be in a perfect world, until you end up talking to no-one but yourself. The second is visiting this website, and getting ready…   read more

  • – Access PayPal From Your Desktop

    Putler is a software application that gives users access to detailed PayPal analytics straight from their desktops. People who download and install Putler are enabled to search, analyze and act on their every PayPal transaction using a desktop interface that simplifies everything to no end. Certainl…   read more

  • – Sell Apple Devices For Good Money


    A site that was formerly known as Take My Mac, Sell My iDevice is a trade-in business service that lets Apple users sell and/or recycle their Apple products. On this site, devices such as iPhones, iPods and iPads can be transacted, regardless of their condition. They might be new, used and even brok…   read more – Buy Baby Beddings


    If you are looking for quality baby beddings at affordable prices, then this is the site that you should visit. Crib beddings, toddler beddings and kids beddings are all purchasable through on this online store, and these can be browsed by gender using the provided navigation menu. You will also be …   read more – Learn From Others Online


    MuchEnough is an online marketplace that has a twist of its very own. In essence, the one thing that is transacted here is knowledge. People who resort to all need to learn something, and they are ready to pay for such knowledge. All kind of subjects are already supported. Is there a…   read more

  • – Reward Your Customers

    Squeeqly is a new service that basically lets companies have a stronger social image, and engage its customers with more directedness. These retailers that go for Squeeqly will be able to turn the people who shop at their stores into brand advocates, since they will be rewarded for writing reviews a…   read more – Free Shipping On The Items You Buy


    ShopRunner is a new concept in online shopping. This company has partnered with retailers from all over the world in order to give buyers a superior shopping experience. Those who sign up for ShopRunner have unlimited free 2-day shipping at these stores they buy at, and they have to worry about mini…   read more

  • – Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

    Cardnap is a new online marketplace in which gift cards for all major retailers can be bought at steeply discounted prices. Amazon, iTunes, Fandango, Aeropostale and Regal Cinemas are just some of the most familiar names you will find around here, and in some cases we are talking about cards that ar…   read more – Buy And Sell Leads Online


    LeadTip is a new kind of online marketplace. Here, people can sell tips on sales-ready opportunities for products they are not selling themselves. Or (in much simpler words) this is an online marketplace in which leads can be transacted. And the environment in which that is done is both secure and s…   read more

  • – Buy And Sell Collectables

    Catawiki is a site that will delight collectors like little else. It acts both as a database of collectables, and as a marketplace where such items can be openly traded. These collectors who sign up for Catawiki and create accounts of their very own (something that costs nothing) are allowed to buil…   read more – Find The Best Deals


    The Deal Bar is a deal delivery system that intends to connect customers and retailers in both directly and more meaningfully. The way everything works on The Deal Bar means that businesses post their deals directly to the site, and customers can then find them in an effortless way. All it takes is …   read more

  • – Buy Snacks Online

    What would an online vending machine look like? This site is here to answer that question for us, in a completely clear and understandable way. On Snack & Munch you will be able to choose from all the products such machines always have, and order the desired quantity in each and every case. The mai…   read more – Sell Your Own Products Online


    That Facebook has endless potential for selling your own products is something entirely evident, and something that anybody figures faster than putting two and two together. The question, now, is how to come up with an attractive storefront without having to hire the services of a programmer. And th…   read more

  • – Sell Your Digital Goods

    The selling of digital goods gets easier and easier by the day. Platforms like Gumroad turn it into something which is as simple as sharing a single URL. When using Gumroad, you can take a file or a link directing to some digital valuable or the other, and the application will have it processed int…   read more – Give Customers What They Want


    We can define Pzyche as an intelligent store assistant that can guide any visitor straight to these products that he is sure to like. This store assistant can automatically display both content and promotions that will be 100 % tailored to who the visitor is. The way this is achieved is anything b…   read more

  • – Buy Items At The Best Prices

    Letting you buy these things you love for less is the aim of this website. On My Personal Shopper, you will be able to customize your shopping experience to no end – upon becoming a user of the site you will be able to start receiving individualized recommendations, showing only these items that min…   read more

  • – Buy And Sell Agricultural Goods

    Farmbook can be defined as an agricultural marketplace in which both companies and individuals can market their products. The site is available in four languages (English, Spanish, German and Russian), and users can list their products and services in lots of different categories such as grain, for…   read more

  • – Amazon Products On Digg

    Amazigg is a quick and different way to find cool products on Amazon. Basically, on this site you can see these Amazon products that have been submitted to Digg, and that are standing out there for any reason or the other. Items that are hard to find, that come at a great price, that are just plain …   read more – Buy Online Without Using Your Credit Card


    We all are a bit reticent to use our credit cards to buy stuff online for just two or three bucks. No matter how badly we want the latest CD by Elton John and Leon Russell, having to disclose our credit card number just to get a used copy is something that most people always think twice. Yet, they…   read more

  • – Video Listings For Your Products

    123 Exchanges is a new marketplace in which everything revolves around video listings. On this site, people who have anything that they want to sell can upload a short clip in which they introduce it to prospective buyers. The product will be shown from all angles, its history and the uses it has …   read more – Promote Your Products


    Looking for a cost-effective way to have your own products listed, and attract the attention of prospective buyers more quickly? Because if that is the case, Ezy Offer is going to keep you more than reasonably happy. By using Ezy Offer you will be able to create eye-catching listings that can be sp…   read more

  • – Shop With The Help Of Other Buyers

    ProdTwit is a site that serves two main purposes. The first is letting you know what people who are considering buying any product that you are also keen on getting are saying in real time. The other is every bit as important (maybe even more), and it is letting you realize where to buy such product…   read more – Shop At The Best Boutiques For Less


    Zestii is a new online shopping community whose members receive special promotions, discover new retailers to shop at, and take part of a cash back program which means they can get as much as 20 % back of each purchase they make through the site. From my vantage point, the actual discovery of new r…   read more – Make Your Customers Refer Their Friends


    Getting your already-existing customers to refer all their friends is what this new platform is all about. Curebit motivates your customers to spread the word about any product or deal you are advertising, in the one way that could never fail to get them interested: giving them special discounts in …   read more

  • – Manage Online Subscriptions

    SaaSy is a management platform for software-as-a-service and Web 2.0 companies. SaaSy can take care of everything from handling payments and the delivery of goods to the activation of accounts and the satisfaction of customers. That is possible because unlike other platforms such as Chargify and Spr…   read more – Build Your Own Online Store


    Running an online store is just no good if it gives you nothing but a headache after the other. That makes no sense, specially when there are applications such as Solid Shops around – applications that simplify the creation and the managing of online stores to a degree that was previously unthinkabl…   read more

  • – Bill Your Clients

    Snap Bill can be defined as an automated billing system for online retailers. These will be able to process subscriptions and recurring payments in a really direct way, and collect money more easily than ever – Snap Bill can integrate with all the main payment gateways of the day, and each merchant …   read more – Have A Facebook Store


    If dollar signs start rolling in your eyes whenever you see a store on Facebook and you find yourself wishing to build one of your own, then this is a site you will be glad you tried. Simply put, Beetailer lets anybody come up with his very own store on Facebook, regardless of how much of a program…   read more – Store All Your Daily Deals


    A service like City Pockets is a logical development at a time in which daily deal websites are all the rage. I mean, with so many services of that nature around, even the most conservative folks can become over-enthusiastic and end up purchasing coupons that they never use at all. And in some cases…   read more

  • – Tag Products On Images

    Emma Active is a new platform that rewards people who take the time to identify and tag products on photographs. This system is open to just any person who is willing to give it a try, and both site owners and advertisers are greatly benefited by it. The former make money whenever people tag a produ…   read more

  • – Everything For A Fiver

    Fever Five is a site in which you can market what you do for a fiver, or multiples of that amount. The site is open to all kind of submissions, and categories such as Travel & Tourism, Education and Entertainment are provided along with others such as Content Writing and Marketing (the one which see…   read more – Sell On Facebook


    As you can guess by glancing at its name alone, this is an application that will let you open your very own store on Facebook. This service can take your existing Facebook page and have it turned into a point of sale. In just a couple of clicks, you will have added a store tab to your page, and all …   read more

  • – Sell Your Application

    Ever feel yourself wishing that there were a way for selling the code you have created to other app developers? Well, it turns out there is one such marketplace around. It goes by the apt name of Sell My Application, and you are reading about it now. On this site, just any person who signs up for a…   read more – Buy Fitness Equipment


    Fitness Superstore is a provider of both home and commercial fitness equipment in the UK. The company has 7 large fitness stores, and it has a dedicated sales department that handles business to business sales. The company deals in the best brands both from the UK and the US, and these include Life…   read more

  • – Market Your Products With Viral Coupons

    This startup champions a whole new approach to social media marketing. Essentially, on Qpomp merchants can use viral coupons in order to create brand awareness and attract new customers. We are talking about time-sensitive coupons here – coupons that expire after a set amount of time has elapsed. …   read more – The Best IT Sellers


    You can think of xPeerient as a marketplace that brings buyers and sellers of enterprise IT solutions together. The former are given a readier chance to compare all available vendors at once, whereas the latter will benefit from reduced customer acquisition costs. Besides, buyers can interact amon…   read more

  • – Jobs For Web Developers

    If you are a web developer looking for fresh challenges to tackle, then this is a site you should really consider visiting. SitePoint Market is where people from all over the world can list open projects for experienced developers to volunteer their services, and carry them to completion. The devel…   read more – Distribute Your Curriculum


    Common Curriculum is a platform for K 12 educators. Essentially, through this site they will be able to create and sell their curricula. Educators that go for this service are empowered to create a curriculum and have it hosted on the cloud. From there, it can be distributed and sold to those who a…   read more – Publish Your Stories

    If you are a writer, you know all too well that you have to focus on promoting what you do online. Not only because that is where money can be made, but mainly because that is where the most people can be reached. And a site like The Next Read is here to assist you in the online distribution and pr…   read more – Make Your Friends Find Buyers


    Trying to reinvent the way in which classifieds are created and posted online, what Kuhootz does is to let you create listings for these things that you are selling and then enlist the help of your friends to put the word out. And your friends will surely be motivated to help you, because they will …   read more

  • – Deals For College Students

    Uscoop is like GroupOn for College students. Through this site, they will be able to buy vouchers at a discount for select online brands. And the relevancy (and authenticity) of all of the deals featured on the site is ensured since the Uscoop team identifies the best trends by photographing stylish…   read more – Share Amazon Wishlists


    Look no further than this site if you are looking for an ace way to compare products on Amazon. Rate My Choice is a platform that makes for seeing all these products that people are keen on, and for sharing the ones you are interested in getting yourself. Rate My Choice integrates with Facebook – y…   read more

  • – Syndicate Your Content

    StoryMarket is defined as a network for the distribution of original content. Here, you can create your own feeds with all the content that you want to syndicate. Companies and other individuals who follow you will be able to learn what you are making available at a glance, and know right away if yo…   read more – Sell Blog Posts


    Did your blog fail to bring the income that you were sure it would bring? Well, at least you got acquainted with concept of blogging and you polished your writing skills along the way. And that knowledge is something that you could put to very good use on a site like this one, so nothing has been in…   read more

  • – Buy Vector Art

    An open stock that is devoted to nothing but vector art, this is where designers who are looking for fresh inspiration should direct their browsers to. With vector graphics from artists spread all throughout the world, Vector Open Stock is sure to fire them up. The featured vectors can be looked bo…   read more – Sell Designs On Facebook


    In a nutshell, Qstoms is an application that will let you create an online store for selling designs of your very own. And it will let you create it within Facebook, no less. In a mere couple of clicks, you will be able to upload your own designs, select these products and colors on which you want …   read more – Help From Shopping Experts


    Aiming to reinvent the way in which people learn more about products that they are considering buying or not, Shop Squad stands as a social commerce platform that connects customers with experts in real time. That is, users of Shop Squad are allowed to start a live chat with an expert right as they …   read more

  • – Recycle Your Stuff

    Ecosquid is a great site to have in mind when you want to part ways with gadgets that you no longer find useful, but that you reckon others could benefit from. Well, on this site you will be able to have such gadgets sold or recycled. All you have to do is specify what it is you want either recycle…   read more – How Much Competitors Charge


    A pricing intelligence service for retailers, Profitero can take care of monitoring how much their competitors are charging for their products. In this way, retailers can reduce the time they spend researching where they actually stand in the market, and focus on the actual services that they are pr…   read more

  • – Build An Online Store

    There is more ways than one to create an online store nowadays. The startup being reviewed right now is one of them. And while it offers no unique or distinctive features, it must be said that it is a really easy-to-use application, with a simple UI and a lot of malleability. Using ZookShop, you wi…   read more – Grow Your Business


    Bitsy is nothing more and nothing less than an online B2B marketplace. The objective of this site is letting small business owners have a chance to promote what they do, and collaborate among themselves in a bid to move forwards collectively instead of individually. And that is always commendable, f…   read more – Your Own Online Store


    NoobTrader is for those among you that fancy yourselves as online traders but never get around to selling anything because the technical aspects of it all put you off. Well, that will stop being a problem if you give this site a try. Essentially, NoobTrader is an ecommerce platform that will let yo…   read more – Sell Your Art


    We Print Love is a new online marketplace for artists. On this site, they can submit their own works and sell them to the world at large. And there is more to the site than that, as other artists who are also part of the community will be able to comment on every piece that is uploaded, and tell the…   read more – Buy & Sell In Your Campus

    Campus Exchange is a marketplace for College students. Here, they can sell and swap items with other students in their very same campuses, promote events that they have organized themselves and also find tutors when they need them. Of course, textbooks are prominently featured among these items tha…   read more

  • – Invest In New Artists

    What if the future of music artists were determined in a marketplace, giving people like you and me the chance to invest on the careers of these performers that we have really taken a liking to? This site stands as the answer to that question. It will let us take a personal interest on new artists,…   read more – Support Nonprofits & Charities


    Philanthroper can be deemed as a charitable variation on the Groupon concept. Instead of featuring a deal per day, what Philanthroper does is to feature a charity that could use your assistance. If that charity strikes a chord with you, then you can proceed to donate $ 1 as easily as you would when …   read more – Shop With Your Friends


    Who shops alone any longer? Even those who are not really Mr. or Ms. Popularity can find someone to exchange insight with while shopping through the wonders of Facebook, Twitter and other such services. Cash Collie is part of these other such services. It is a group buying platform that will let yo…   read more – Sell Items On Twitter


    Selltter is a new e-commerce platform that makes it very easy for people to sell their own stuff online. Everything is powered by Twitter – that gives you an idea of how versatile Selltter is. People can create a listing in a couple of minutes, and it will be spread all over the Twitterverse. Eac…   read more – Discount Coupon Codes


    Are you looking for coupons and codes that could let you somehow amortize your shopping habits? Well, if that is the case then this site might just be the end to all your searches. As its name implies, here you can find coupons that are updated by the hour. These can be printed and taken straight t…   read more – Fair Currency Exchange


    Currency Fair is for all those who feel that financial institutions are given them a downright hammering when they are exchanging currencies. Well, Currency Fair will let them have such operations carried out person-to-person, without anybody getting in the way and charging rates that are not on. H…   read more – Reward Your Customers


    It is blatantly obvious that the power exerted by the Social Web over real life shopping decisions is getting stronger by the day. And it was about time someone came up with a solution like Snap – a solution that to all intents and purposes links points of sale with social sites. Snap can be used f…   read more

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